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All Cranes Considered

Cranes are cool. The bigger they are, the cooler they are.

I love when people send me crane pictures. HOT!

Crane-a-palooza along I-95 North… HOT!

Lots of super-hot hot crane action in my old stomping grounds.

A beautiful Boston crane on a beautiful Boston morning, taken by one of my many buddies named Pete.

A real beauty of a crane watching over Cambridge, taken by a friend. Hot!

A magnificent crane in Alexandria, Virginia.

A pair of Washington, D.C. cranes canoodling.

Even on a cold winter night, this Boston crane is smokin' hot!

Crane keeping watch over Boston by night.

This Boston crane is particularly stunning at twilight.

Yet another Cambridge crane...

Buddy of mine sent me this great pic of a crane in Cambridge. Certain people know what I like. Mmmmm, massive counterweights….

Lookit this beauty in Washington, DC.. (swoon)

An unaffiliated Washington, DC crane.

A trio of cranes in Washington, DC keeping an eye on the Watergate apartments for any more shenanigans…

The one day there’s a big crane ON MY PROPERTY (well, almost) and I’m not even there…

Sometimes you just have to slow down and smell the cranes.

Yet another majestic Vancouver crane.

Vancouver has so many awesome cranes my head is about to explode.

Great food, pleasant weather, friendly people, beautiful mountains, fun city and LOTS AND LOTS OF CRANES. Vancouver, I am yours if you will have me.