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The Search--Montgomery Clift--If you ever have the opportunity to see this movie, watch it. Five stars.

The Trouble With Angels (1966)

swinglargo: the phenakistoscope, early animation device by joseph plateau #4 (3,2,1)

I loved this movie!!! A classic that's for sure . . .

Disney's "Miracle of the White Stallions." 1963

"The Enchanted Cottage", 1945. (Robert Young) is disfigured by war wounds, that he hides from his family (Spring Byington plays his mother) renting a cottage he meets Laura Pennington (Dorothy McGuire) who is a shy, homely maid who tidies up the place. Oliver and Laura gradually fall in love and discover that their feelings for each other have mysteriously transformed them. He appears handsome to her, and she seems beautiful to him. This is only perceived by the two of them. Great movie.

Children of a Lesser God ~ "James is a new speech teacher at a school for the deaf. He falls for Sarah, a pupil who decided to stay on at the school rather than venture into the big bad world..."