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Innovative thinker, Mark Scandrette is doing some pioneering stuff in SFO, check out the INTV.

Parker's an amazingly gifted writer and thinker - his interview's here:

Wesleyan theologian Bob Whitesel is amazingly gifted in congregational growth and development - and sees transformation at the heart of healthy churches. Here's the INTV

One of the best writers on stewardship around - check out the INTV here:

Peter Rollins says our congregations need to be places that name and embrace mystery and uncertainty. Here's the interview:

David's a talented and dedicated Disciples of Christ pastor who sees transformation is at the heart of the Gospel. His church has grown in many ways as a result - watch the full INTV at

JR Woodward is an author and speaker on the latest happening in the emergent world - check out the INTV at

Jaimie White, youth guru at Mt. Olympus Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City, UT says it's all about mentoring! Here's the INTV:

Hugh Ballou is a talented teacher and leader, check out his website - and Master Class:

He's been preaching for 14 years and he's not yet 30- The voice of young people like Kadri Webb is one the Church desperately need - check out the INTV at:

How do our brains process sermons? How do we deliver more memorable sermons? Dr. Richard Cox has written a book about this - check out the INTV at:

Virginia Todd Holeman, a psychologist and author, knows much about family systems and congregations - and making them more caring. Here's the interview:

Diana's work in helping mainline congregations move through transition is amazing. Watch the full INTV here:

The Morgan Narratives at www.kennethgmorga... are always worth reading. See the full INTV at:

Valerie Hess explores the interaction between physical well being and spiritual formation - here's here book: And here's the INTV:

Author, preacher, and UCC minister Martin Copenhaver is an amazing talent. Find his church here: www.wellesleyvill... Watch the INTV at

Former pastor Tom Ryan resigned after coming to grips with his sexual addiction. Hear about his story, and what churches should be doing about this pervasive addiction:

Dave Ferguson's Christian Community Church in Chicagoland grows because of his emphasis on The Big Idea - check out the INTV at:

Katie Douglass, Princeton Seminary PhD candidate, is doing some great research into the spirituality of young adults. Ck out the interview here:

John Caputo is a philosopher and author from Syracuse University, watch his interview here:

Os has some strong words for the Church - on the cultural captivity we're in - You can check out the INTV here:

gjeffreymacdonald... keeps you in touch with one of the most talented religion writers in North America. You can watch the INTV here:

Author Margot Starbuck just started an experiment: moving her family to partner with the under-resourced, check out her books and blog - and the full INTV at:

Incredibly gifted New Testament scholar who brings light to the understanding of the Jewishness of Jesus and the Gospels - divinity.vanderbi...

Disciples of Christ pastor and author Phil Snider has some really helpful things to say about keeping the Church current.