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Send them a pic of your pup and they make a stuffed copy.

Panoramic Camera Ball. Throw it up in the air, and when it reaches its peak, it takes a picture out of each of its 36 camera's, and you can go onto a computer to view the panoramic picture you just took.

"Moody Chair" A huge bean-bag like bed/chair with a built in pillow & blanket that you can wrap yourself in. Perfect for hibernation weeks

Plug your iPhone into the egg and you can take the ducky into the bathtub with you and listen to your music...its waterproof.

Gel fridge: put your stuff in it and the gel keeps it cool. when your reach in and take it out, the gel automatically reforms.

Inkling is a Wacom pen that has a small receiver device that you attach to any paper or sketchbook, together they capture every stroke of your work of art. You can then convert your design to digital via USB, it then becomes a vector drawing! you can now edit your drawing in any image editing software.

@Allison Raborn Programmable TV remote Wand.

ze o ze Modular shoe , with different heels, every heel gives the shoe a different look.

Ink Calendar designed Oscar Diaz .The ink will slowly color each day of the month as time passes by.

According to the makers of “Ostrich,” the pillow/cushion/bed/garment hybrid sports a “soothing cave-like interior” that “shelters and isolates our head and hands” to create a work-friendly “micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease.”

Originating around 1917 from the KABE Verlag (KABE publication) company, the Springback binder was intended to instantly bind documents into a book, singly or in batches. A hidden binding can be opened and closed to rearrange or add contents, making it functional as a regular binder yet more secure as with a book cover. $23