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When I was an x-ray tech your age, I x-rayed uphill both ways in the snow with the portable machine while doing BEs and UGIs & hand dipping.

Radiology humor, xray

Wow (Ouch!) this person is screwed

X Rays Can Show Some Weird Things | Lazy Palace

X-ray Tech nightmare! "I'll need you to remove all jewelry" :/

Radiographic Anatomy - Wrist AP

Wrist Radiographic Anatomy - wikiRadiography

Desmoplastic fibroma | Radiology Case |

Desmoplastic fibroma | Radiology Case |

When the words "nice odontoid" come out of your mouth, you are an xray tech.

Medi-Fax Atlas Series - Odonloid Fracture, Stable

Atlanto-occipital dissociation injuries | Radiology Note the marked widening of the atlanto-occipital joint, consistent with atlantooccipital disassociation. No fractures identified. Case Discussion: Atlanto-occipital disassociation is usually seen in children and can be subtle on plain films, especially if one is only looking for fractures or disruption of the normal longitudinal lines.

"Born with a silver spoon"

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X-Rays of a human hand into adulthood

Growing Up And I'm Fine - 50 Watts

X-ray of a baby. Look at the gaps between those bones, man!

Image of poor blood supply to index finger.

X-ray of kidneys (green) & ureters (red - the vessels connecting the kidneys to the bladder, the red circular mass at bottom)

A little x-ray humor!

X-ray of a meat grinder injury to the arm and hand. Maybe for use when we talk about Upton Sinclair's The Jungle?

Xray humor-- haha or the people who ask if their cell phone will interfere with a chest xray lol

Be nice to your x-ray tech. They are the first one to know what you lost and where you lost it.

The Flower in my Mind. "Cerebral angiogram of the blood vessels in my brain. I added selective colour to the original greyscale image."

Radiology humor, xray humor

When the words "nice odontoid" come out of your mouth, you are an xray tech. When your co-worker comes & gets you because "you do the prettiest reverse waters for odontoid" you smile.