Statement by the quilt artist Linda Grass. "This is actually two fabric paintings of the wetlands of the San Francisco Bay that have been cut into strips and rewoven together. The cutting of the fabric represents the damage we have done to the bay and the reweaving represents an attempt to make it whole again". Interesting stuff.

Linda Gass: Baylands

The Idealized Land by Niki Valentine Vick | Balsam Quilts

..... Balsam Quilts...: Shady Lady Challenge quilts

excellent color choices in this landscape quilt -- not sure but it looks like Jo Diggs work

Sunrise over the Mountains by Nancy Messier

"Moraine Lake". Landscape quilt.

Cynthia McNair, Fibre Artist

Santa Fe Quilt Show 2012 by Patchouli Moon Studio

Bozena Wojtaszek, Provence, art quilt

Laurie Swim - Running with Scissors Studio, Nova Scotia

Laurie Swim - Running with Scissors Studio

Awesome landscape quilt

Tranquility. Small art quilt beach scene hanging from found driftwood.

House and Barns with: Winter Trees, 44" x 38" (Private Collection)

A Long Ago Wedding, 40 x 32", designed by Rose Hughes.

“Headwaters” by Gay Ousley at The Art Quilt Association

Snowy winter cabins quilt

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