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paper lanterns are an inexpensive way to add volume and color

Can't have a wedding without a candy table :D I love the fish bowl glass full of sugar and lollipops in it and the layered jelly beans. This of course will be all white and blue.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit: •Bobby pins - always a must for hair prep •Hair spray •Touchup makeup •Clear nail polish •Tissues •Baby wipes •Extra jewelry •Breath mints •Nail clippers •Nail polish remover •Makeup remover •Deodorant •Pain killers - very important •Antacids •Band-Aids/first aid kit •Hand sanitizer •Water •Snacks (energy/chocolate) •Tampons/pads •Contact lens solution •Extra contacts •Allergy medicine •Q-tips •Tweezers •Safety pins •Needle •Thread (one for each color of garment) •Tape •Umbrellas •Scissors - Most used item in the kit •Cash •Panty hose •Bleach pen (to cover up stains on the wedding dress) •Emergency phone numbers •Chalk/pastels (to cover up stains on the wedding dress) •White nail polish (to cover up stains on the wedding dress) •Straws (so you don’t ruin your makeup) •Static guard •Walkie Talkies - best idea we had! Best Man had one and I had one so we could communicate but still keep the bride and groom apart •Liquor (good for the nerves and the breath) @Megan Ussary