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Really Cool Stuff

Stuff of technology I think is amazing.

Yet another cute one.

TowMini 11RD Champagne Model

Pretty cute!


Ha...wonder if you can do this with a goat??

Natural lawn mower

One of the most fun things I've done was to take a dune buggy tour of the dunes. Unique environment and great fun!

This is a really good guide for figuring out what seafood is safe for your family to eat. Eat NO fish imported from labels; have a look at these folks' recommendations. It's a good guide.

An online stylist? Sign me up!!

Can an Online Stylist Improve Your Wardrobe?

Wow...if you don't know about this stuff, check it out. Really an amazing story of invention I found inspiring in a bunch of ways. And now I can't wait to try it out!!

Mixed up a batch of this and am testing it tonight. My mods were to use the baby lotion in the lavender bottle, vaseline in a tube and vitamin E oil since I couldn't find the cream. So far, it smells super great and feels really good but hasn't YET miraculously transformed my hands!