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Content Marketing Infographic nicely sums up some key points about building a successful program.

28% of people have used LinkedIn to generate identifiable business opportunities and 28% have used it to build new relationships with potential customers. Infographic: The most-popular ways people use LinkedIn | Articles | Main

7 Strategies For a Stellar Executive Marketing Dashboard

I am a copywriter infographic. Both copywriters and those who deal with them will recognize some gems here.

I am a copywriter - ABC Copywriting

Enough said! If you use hashtags to start a social media conversation, make sure it's a conversation worth having. TV advertising hashtags - Tom Fishburne

How to craft an email subject line. What used to be "don'ts" are now "dos."

Popularity of Social Network Sites appears to be plateauing or declining -- among nearly all age groups. via On Social Marketing and Social Change.

Great example of emotionally intelligent communication from Dan Pink. Will it work?

How to make an infographic online: five essential free tools | Econsultancy

How to make an infographic online: five essential free tools

The future of content marketing is visual. Another great piece from Marketo.

Tips for increasing clicks on LinkedIn and Twitter. Punctuation is powerful!

Wisdom from Seth Godin - The Acute Heptagram of Impact. Seven elements: Strategy, Tactics, Execution, Reputation, Persistence, Desire and Fear, make up the points. If your project isn't working, it's almost certainly because one or more of these elements aren't right. And in my experience, it's all of them. We generally pick the easiest and safest one to work on (probably tactics) without taking a deep breath and understanding where the real problem is.

How to create a B2B blog your audience wants to read. From Marketing Profs. blogchat-mack-collier-visual-notes-veronica-maria-jarski

Training employees on social media is becoming an necessity, not an option. This Mindflash infographic makes the task a little less daunting. Originally seen on Servant of Chaos blog.Social-Media-Training

How to construct a Facebook post for strong social media results.

Love Tom Fishburne's perspective. 5 types of social media strategies - Tom Fishburne

Goldfish have longer attention spans that people in 2012? Regardless, the 5 steps here make good sense.

Maximizing Your Tweets – Twitter Infographic