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Sac Thrift Chick: Top 10 Tips for Packing Early for a Move

Sac Thrift Chick: Top 10 Tips for Packing Early for a Move

This curtain holder is made from a spiral of green felt. "Yesterday I thought I needed something nice to brighten up a curtain in the kitchen is nice, white and let light as I like, but I wanted to pick it up while decorating. This is what I came up, I did it with a thick felt and sewing scissors."

Here are some awesome home hacks, gadgets and accessories that geeks would love.

Have never seen Lantana in tree form! Nice! To start a lantana tree, plant a small plant in spring, into a larger container. Begin shaping the tree as soon as new growth begins. Attach the stem (sometimes multiple stems) to a support like a bamboo stake, then begin trimming away any new side shoots.

foxglove blue delphiniums are shy in the sun. Shade is much better for these delicate flowers

Moss Rose..Moss rose is a perfect little ground cover for hot, dry spots. It forms a mat of needle-like foliage and cup-shape flowers in bright shades of yellow, orange, pink, and white. Moss rose often self-seeds in the garden. I love these dainty flowers hard to kill too!

Une maison joyeuse sur la côte Adriatique. Elle Décor

Painted entirely in Black and chalked out a decorative design on the drawer fronts and painted in the details

3M hooks and wire baskets on the inside of cupboards