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Home Beautification Project 2012. A board for all the projects I have actually done, or plan to do.

Ikea Socker - just bought one of these, thinking of using it for yarn storage for now.

Skynda på våren | Nina Nilsson | inspiration från IKEA

pole with things hanging off - I have one somewhere, might work on gorm...

I just bought this little house, minus the shapes which I don't need, from bargain corner for a quid. I'm going to make it pretty and use it for storage :)

This looks like the colour or the lounge accent walls (Dulux colourmix Garnet Symphony 3)

I have a dome topped chest not too dissimilar to this, soon to be on show more. It is tatty, but I have no idea if I'd be devaluing it to do it up or not...

make my own fabric box storage But... I want to be able to see what's in the boxes. I don't want more ugly plastic boxes, so I'd prefer pretty fabric ones. What to do? How about incorporating a window made of perspex, that thin plastic stuff from those cheap Ikea frames, or floppier transparent stuff whatever it's called. It might just work!

We bought a pot of the colour on the left, Russian Velvet 3 of the Dulux colourmix system. At least, I think it's that colour - we scored a ready made rejected pot for almost a quarter of the price! It's for the hall. It might be a bit in your face, but it will make a strong first impression!!! I fancy using small highlights in orange, gold, purple and or teal. And maybe orange on the ceiling... wear shades if you visit :D

This is the stair basket. I was disappointed in the base, it is not as secure as I would like, fine while it's on the stairs, not sure I'd want to be picking it up with stuff in - not ideal for a box, but they look nice.