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Goal of the narcissist: confusion, lies, manipulating, gaslighting ... its what they do.

A narcissist knows A Recovery from Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse

Due to Narcissistic Abuse we lose ourself.

Codependent A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother! - Exposing the hidden but devastating condition of narcissistic mother syndrome.

The Narcissist (NARC) will do anything to avoid being discovered.

When traumatic events happen, a bright and beautiful part of our soul can become separated/lost. This can happen in both physical trauma/emotional trauma. Sometimes we even (unconsciously) "give away" a part of our soul, or unwittingly participate in someone else taking it. Soul loss leave feeling empty inside, depressed, anxious/just not the same anymore. Shamans locate lost fragments willing to come back and help/return them to restore a sense of being whole -- Laurie Kaplowitz, Musetouch

Confronting a narcissist about being a narcissist. It's better not to.