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Feelings Preschool Theme

Ideas for teaching children about feelings

Anger Rules "It's ok to be angry, but don't hurt others, don't hurt yourself, don't hurt property..."

Anger Rules | ConnectABILITY

TEACHING YOUNG CHILDREN ABOUT FEELINGS ONLINE WORKSHOP. Feelings are an integral part of our everyday discussion and guidance with young children. This workshop provides a variety of activities for young children regarding the topic and learning process including ways for them to practice labeling emotions and strategies for handling their feelings.

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Cat in the Hat himself: Let children cut out their strips and circle for the face and then can decorate the cats face how ever they would like and how they are feeling that day.

Mrs. Marcy's Preschool: Feelings Theme books include The Way I Feel

Miss Marcy's Preschool: Feelings Theme

Feelings Chant Preschool Songs & Fingerplays: Building Language Experience Through Rhythm ... - Kim Cernek - Google Books

Painting to music. Would be interesting to change the music and see if it changes how they paint.

Open ended art activities for young children. Our "Fun with Feelings" downloadable workbook is available now. It's F*REE! Over 1000 downloaded. Get yours while you can! #ece #earlyed #preschool #parenting #feelings

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