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Ike Turner's '67 Fender Coronado.

Custom Patriot semi acoustic jazz, maple neck spruce top guitar

G5191MS Tim Armstrong Electromatic® Hollow Body by Gretsch® Electric Guitars

Tony Cochran Chalicecaster 2010s To start, Tony Cochran is a cartoon artist. The world of his cartoon character, Agnes, is so artistically remote from the guitars he makes that its hard to believe the same person is behind both projects. Cochran uses steel, brass and other metals to transform vintage guitars into odes to Steampunk. Before becoming the Chalicecaster, this Strat was sleeping in the trunk of an old 1957 Cadillac.

Justin’s National Reso-Phonic guitar: “It’s just beautiful. It literally wrote a song for me, a song called “Skinny Love”, which was a really important song for our band and our first record. The guitar seemed to exist to write that song, although it has been around for 80 years and who knows where it has been. It makes me feel humble in its presence because I know it’s older than me. I will never get rid of it, and I take it everywhere that I go.”

Rare vintage fender, never put into production. Fender Maraudar. Very very unweak

Gibson super 400

Art Deco style hollow body electric guitar