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Recipes for Picky Kids

Are your little ones picky eaters? Get inspired by these fun recipes for your little picky ones!

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids Who Don’t Like Sandwiches

My Kid Made Dinner, She's 5: a 3-course dinner a kindergartener can cook (with help :)

7 Tips for Successful Cooking With Kids

Kitchen Tasks for Different Age Groups (from 2 to 12+)!

Parchment Paper Chicken with Sage, Brown Butter

Persian Yogurt Mint Dip -- great ranch alternative for veggies and chips.

Easy Chicken Tikka for Babies and Toddlers

11 Finger Foods for Toddlers

Cheddar-crusted chicken fingers.

How To Get Kids To Eat Their Vegetables

Plump Peas Pasta (hides peas)

Cinnamon Butternut Squash Muffins (hides squash)

What To Do With Leftover Baby Food (ideas for hiding fruit & veggie purees)

Carrot and Zucchini Bars With Cream Cheese Frosting (hides carrot and zucchini)

Sneaky Stove Top Mac ‘n’ Cheese (hides squash and carrots)