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Plant a bunch of these giant allium flowers. | 30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer

Beautiful Veggie Teepee - trellis for pole beans, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, etc.

Vertical Gardening Ideas - Grow More Food in Less Space @ Common Sense Homesteading

bury a banana peel 1" down at the base of a rosebush. The potassium will feed the plant and help it fight of diseases. ***Used banana peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and crushed Tums with calcium when planting tomatoes 5-9-12. Sherry***

Dandelion on fire. Bucket list for this summer... light a dandelion on fire...really???

Vertical gardening - it maximizes your harvest, makes the most of limited space, doesn't require lots of bending, and keeps your veggies away from pests and rot. This easy-to-assemble kit lets you grow vertically vining plants either against a wall, or as a free-standing unit using your own posts. Takes up just four square feet of growing space but produces more vegetation than a 24 square foot plot! Perfect for tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers, or any vining plants.

Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks edging a garden.

Make your own potato tower - no digging up potatoes!....doing this now, taties looking good so far, very impressed with instructions

16 Plants that Regrow from Kitchen Scraps

Tomatoes will tell you what they need!  Here's a cool graphic from lots of interesting information there.

This is so AWESOME!! You put in your zip code, and it tells you what plants you should be planting now. You can even look ahead a few months to plan out your garden!

Great Tips for Planning your Vegetable or Herb Garden

use the frame from an inexpensive paper lantern. this will look awesome once it fills in!

How to layer material for a raised bed garden without importing expensive potting mix & topsoil.