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Endangered pink freshwater dolphins from the Amazon. So amazing.

Image: Video still of an Echidna (Courtesy of StupidVideos)

This is Zoe, one of the only white Zebras in existence. She has blue eyes and gold stripes

Sea dragon with full tummy

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cuttlefish turns red or orange when angry - blue when sad - white when afraid

The Zorse - PawNation hybred zebra father/horse mother

Cartoonish Cottony Cushion: This bizarre bug that looks like a rolled-up gym sock with a red, cartoonish face has quite an unusual sex life. Researchers from Oxford University in the United Kingdom discovered that the cottony cushion scale (Icerya purchase) insect isn’t a hermaphrodite — the species' females actually fertilize their own eggs through infectious, parasitic tissue that infects them at birth and is derived from the leftover sperm of their fathers. The odd species can be found in ...

An African Crowned Crane. Taken by Deborah Lacey