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The best stuff to watch in the theater or on the telly... ;)

One of THE most intense movies EVER. Take your nitro before viewing because you will feel like you're going to have a heart attack....

BBC's most excellent version of Jane Austion's "Persuasion" with Rupert Perry Jones

Warning - bring heart medication. I almost stroked out watching this intensely exciting movie!!

"The Book of Eli" This is rated R for a reason but I was still moved by the message of this movie. And Denzel Washington is great, as usual.

Setting aside the fact Mel Gibson has definitely fallen from grace - there is no denying the impact of this movie and how well it portrays the last days of Christ. Apparently a newer version was released recently.

Jack Bauer and the most addicting series I have EVER watched. Pulse pounding INSANITY. "24" you ended way too soon!

If you loved "24" you'll love the BBC's MI-5 or as it was also known, "Spooks." I watched all 86 episodes on Netflix and it was very hard to tear myself away and have a life. Warning: addicting!

Elizabeth Gaskell's book adaptation of North and South (2004) - a BBC miniseries. Oh - bestill my heart...LOVED IT!

Sense and Sensibility - screenplay won an Oscar as well it should have!

Pride and Prejudice/big screen version - an excellent adaptation.

BBC's Pride and Prejudice (1995) mini-series - best movie/mini-series EVER.