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How to clean your cookie sheets--Kitchen "Miracle" Cleaner! You put about 1/4 cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and squirt in hydrogen peroxide until it makes a nice paste. Then you rub it on the offending dirt/stain/grease...whatever! You can usually just use your fingers...but you can also use a small sponge as well.

Tips to make things last longer 11.Swipe your nails with vinegar before applying nail polish — it’ll make your manicure last for 2+ weeks.

Pinner says: Over time, towels build up detergent and fabric softener, leaving them unable to absorb as much water and smelling funky. Recharge them by washing them once with hot water and one cup vinegar, then a second time with hot water and half cup baking soda. This strips the residue and leaves them fresh and able to absorb more water again. Works like a charm!

Line a small dish with aluminum foil, a hand full of baking soda, toss in your silver and top with boiling water. It instantly removes tarnish chemically free.

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o: wowwowowowowow || Whoa. Put a water balloon with a glow stick on the inside in a stocking and hang from trees or ceiling. So fun for a late night outdoor dinner party!

100% natural, easy and quick method to clean even the most tarnished pieces of silver. Take that silver hiding in your cabinets out and add it to your decor!

Alcohol free hand sanitizer. BUT...I do NOT recommend using clove or cinnamon essential oil in this. They can be very irritating to some people. 10 drops of each is WAY too much! Stick with something light and use 1/2 of what this calls for.

human meds for dogs; have personally used hydrogen peroxide and it works.

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DIY Air Freshener- stop wasting money on unhealthy air fresheners and start doing your own easy to make diy room air freshener recipe!

Fairies in a jar. Glow sticks cut open and dumped into a jar with glitter. What an inexpensive idea for summer lights on the patio.