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Foster Care/Adoption "Parents to Be" photos. Megan Seydel Photography. I love these photographs. I don't want to miss the expectant mom part of fostering or adopting either. And I love that they sent out announcement cards.

Homemade baby and toddler safe sensory paint. Ingredients are common household staples and are safe for babies and toddlers to taste. When fresh the paint is perfect for finger painting. After sitting for awhile the paint is a colorful, ooey sensory material. It's inexpensive to make and easy to clean!

10 Ways to Unplug a Congested Baby - Save it now, need it later!

Homemade edible finger paint. No cornstarch, sugar, or cooking required. Great for introducing kids to messy play or basic art.

Edible Finger Paint- You have to find enough patience to clean up the mess though....Give them a canvas and then hang it up in their room!

edible finger paints - would work for my kiddos that try to eat the shaving cream.

homemade, edible finger paint made with powdered milk (3c powdered milk + 1c water, separate into jars to add food coloring)

Edible finger paint

Even though I'm pregnant with our third I still have to sit and think about months vs weeks.And let's face it, unless someone is in the medical field/has been pregnant they look at you like a crazy woman when you answer in "weeks" haha.

This is my favorite pregnancy photo I've seen yet!! Would definitely do it shirts down, though!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Nursery Wall Decal

What to feed your baby at different ages: | 23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be

Great list of mixes. Most recipes include organic oatmeal or brown rice

this method is how the rest of the world introduces food to children (and how Western culture did as well before Gerber made us think we needed special baby food).- VERY interesting

Baby led weaning basics-the BEST parent's guide online to introducing solid food to your infant