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Makes Me Laugh

I cannot imagine not laughing everyday. I have dreams that I am a writer, a host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live. My family makes me laugh the hardest. A good day is when my stomach muscles hurt, and soda was nearly spit out of my mouth from a zinger (especially while driving). It's usually completely inappropriate, and taken too favorite.

Australia. i'm cracking up

Oh, you silly Australians…


Hipster Disney Princesses from left to right: "Be your guest? Unlikely," "My dress is made from 100% tree fiber," "She said the apple was organic" and "I want to be where the PBR."

Chef - Muppets - I Don't Always... Quote

Blue Dinosaur Planter for Succulent Plants Fun Office Decor Back to School Dorm on Etsy, $14.50

Someone please do this with me!!! These teachers, who never miss an opportunity for a biology lesson. | 22 Teachers Who Know How To Take A Yearbook Photo

Looks like Mr. T Onesie + Rattle Gift Set / Mi Cielo | umm how freaken cute is this!?

"We'll just paint in some happy little trees."

Pilot makes a pen that is "fine" enough to tattoo Lego men with... Awesome.