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Strong is the new SEXY!

Lazy fitness. Excellent exercises for doing while performing everyday activities - require minimum effort with great results!

Jessica Biel's full body simple workout!

Kellan Lutz's rock hard abs workout!

Guess Who? | Alya's Fit Club

Channing Tatum's workout for defined muscle & 30 pound loss in 3 weeks!

Evangeline Lilly's sexy guns workout

Drink yourself a beach body! The science is there, now it's up to you to get guzzlin'

Did you know that skipping burns 1000 calories an hour? Get out that jump rope & get sweaty!

35 Nike Print Advertisements That Boosted The Company's Income

Pick sore over sorry any day!

Summer won't wait so get started TODAY & never look back!

PERFECT exercise for building toned triceps that everyone can admire throughout the year! Once again, no gym equipment needed, so NO EXCUSES!

Hold for at least 30 seconds on both sides & soon you'll be holding it for much longer. It won't get easier, you'll get BETTER!

Don't let ANYTHING hold you back from a workout that you make you feel more alive then ever!

Hold the B position, swap sides & say GOODBYE to those love handles!

Bring that face to every workout & you'll NEVER do a workout you regret!