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I first tasted this heaven pie in Ireland and I havent found a suitable replacement since.... this is THE BEST PIE EVER. #Banoffee #NOTE: I added a working link ;)

Toasty hand warmers - they warm up when plugged into a USB port

I liked this design on #Fab. Butta Usb Handwarmers

Like at disneyland! Healthy Pineapple Whip: only 3 ingredients (frozen pineapple chunks, almond milk, & honey)

Yes!!! Slice potato almost but not all the way through. Tuck butter between slices. Bake until tender. Dribble with sour cream. Shower with grated cheese. Bake again until melted and gooey. Lavish with more sour cream and chopped scallion or chili or whatever you please.

baked smores bars - sounds better than original smores to me!

Sprite and gummy bears… this is so happening next summer! Now how to work out the carbs for the little diabetic??

i want to know where i can get this!

For those days you just want to make one cookie... 1 tbsp. butter, melted 1 tbsp. white sugar 1 tbsp. brown sugar 3 drops of vanilla pinch of salt 1 egg yolk 1/4 c. flour 2 tbsp. chocolate chips MICROWAVE 40-60 SEC IN A CUP OR BOWL. {single serving} deep dish chocolate chip cookie

Mint Chocolate Chip sugar cookie...and lots of other cookie recipes. This site has all the best cookie recipes

Sweet Hawaiian Bread..I have always wanted to find a recipe for this!