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Claire's Nail Polish

  • Zahra Flowers

    Marsella, your most recent comment was unnecessarily mean and aggressive. :(

  • Autumn S-G

    @Jenn L hovland u can just report her for rude coments

  • Zahra Flowers

    I also learned that you can permanently delete Marsella's comments so that none of us are exposed to her negativity. I've deleted unwelcomed comments on some of my boards.

  • Marsella Macabre

    You're a cunt

  • Zahra Flowers

    You are the one who is mean, aggressive, rude and inconsiderate of others feelings Marsella. You are very lucky that Pinterest customer service doesn't exist. And you attack me with name-calling (real mature Marsella, like you care), when I am not attacking you personally or even addressing you. You are also VERY lucky that this site is anonymous...

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Christmas light nails- love it!

Glitter Liquid Eyeliner Set of 5

Winter Scents Scented Nail Polish Set of 5

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