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Katy Perry PRISM Collection

Katy Perry has designed and curated her very own accessory line! The #KatyPerryPRISMCollection is exclusively available here:

The Katy Perry Kitten collection is now available online!

The Katy Perry Kitten collection is coming soon! What accessories are you hoping to see?

Sign up for our Katy Perry VIP Club at! You might be one of the first to be able to shop the new Kitten collection....

The Kitten collection is coming soon! How excited are you for the newest #KatyPerryPRISMCollection line?

  • Grover Underwood

    SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!!!!! Are you guys going to be carrying her line? Because I haven't been in Claire's in forever, but i will happily pop in for a Katy Perry fashion line Shopping Spree!!!!! :-)

  • Kylie Albertsen

    Me two!! I LOVE KATY PERRY I AM LIKE HER BIGEST FAN!!!!!! I am going to buy like all this collection!

You could see this costume & more at the Katy Perry PRISMATIC World Tour! Today's the last day to enter the #KatyPerrySWEEPS Instagram contest. Details here: