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Quinoa tries to donate the things she doesn't wear anymore, and sometimes she doesn't wear them anymore immediately after buying them.

Quinoa refuses to allow the cold to mess up her perfectly tressled locks, but wishes dearly that her friend Leaf would do the same.

Quinoa loves her oversized sunglasses. Mostly because she's already too fabulous for you.

Quinoa loves few things more than being flawlessly dressed. Fortunately America is one of them.

Quinoa feels bad for homeless children, particularly because they don't have walk in closets. She occasionally goes back to the streets to give them fashion advice.

For Quinoa's first Halloween, she dressed up as Daisy from the Great Gatsby. Keep it fabulous, old sport.

Quinoa had heard that Harper was bad news, but she simply couldn't resist a bad boy.

Quinoa impresses all her classmates with her Hermione-esque knowledge, but impeccable hair.

~Ruffles And Stuff~: We Don't Throw Away...

When we met Quinoa's friend Ridley for brunch, he was unhappy to learn that the bistro's chicken nuggets were not free range.

Quinoa always keeps a spare "urban outfit" in my purse in the event we're going to be around a lot of chain link fencing.

The only thing Quinoa likes to rescue more than puppies are children that shop for clothes at Wal-Mart.

Quinoa loves her friend Hugo, but wishes that he didn't try quite so hard.

I always give in to Quinoa's begging. First she wanted only the retro romper, quickly followed by the sunglasses, head scarf, and 50s diner as accessories. I'm such a sucker.

When Quinoa's BFF Chevron is away on holiday, Quinoa wears a chevron maxi dress to feel close to her. #MIWDTD

Which comes first, Quinoa wonders, the suit or the shades?

Quinoa has found herself in a preschool love triangle with classmates Houndstooth and Gaultier.