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// "you didn't," she says quietly. "it hurt at first, but the memories were the hard part. after that, I /knew/ that nothing was broken beyond repair, because somethings are worth working towards fixing."

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Family is EVERYTHING! I love my family so much ♥ I know that if I ever needed anything they would all drop everything and come together to help me out. I love you guys so much =)

ProAg® Thoughtful Thursday Quote: Our resident Old Farmer was thinking about his favorite Ag teacher, and how we sometimes don't give them all the credit they deserve for cultivating those rural values in our children. So today's thought is: You say, "You act like you were raised in a barn" like's it a bad thing? Some of life's most important lessons were learned in a barn...

Balancing all the demands of life can be a struggle...list things in their importance to that will put things in perspective.

Always in pursuit: 7 ways to be more content. Must-read encouragement for finding more joy and fulfillment right where you are.

5 things you can't recover in life; 1) A stone after its thrown. 2) A word after its said. 3) An occasion after its missed. 4) Time after it...

"When you CHOOSE JOY you feel good & when you feel good, you do good & when you do good it reminds others of what joy feels like & it just might inspire them to do the same." | Homegrown Hospitality

20 little ways to show love