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Albanian Food :)

Things that inspire me to get in the kitchen

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Albanian Food :)

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Baklava Cups -- This classic dessert is made SUPER easy by using frozen phyllo tart shells. The result is a treat everyone will love!! |

Baklava Cups | Gimme Some Oven

Turkish Ayran Beverage - Super scrumptious sparkling yogurt drink.

Turkish Ayran Beverage - Swanky Recipes


Burek | the domesticated feminist

Ajvar- if you have Balkan origins, then you know this is a must-have recipe!

Ajvar - Palachinka

Revani, is an Albanian and Turkish cake. Its dry when baked, the syrup is what makes it moist and tender.

Kifle të vogla me çokollatë

Tzatziki - Greek Yogurt and Cucumber Dip by goodlifeeats: Perfect as an appetizer with toasted pita wedges and veggies for dipping! #Tzatziki #Dip #Yogurt #Cucumber #goodlifeeats

Greek Leek Pie

Greek Leek Pie | Food'n Drink Recipes

This is an Albanian traditional food. the recipe is as old as my grandmother Aferdita

Stuffed Peppers is a very popular Albanian dish. They cook it in such a great way, that no tourist that comes to Albania should miss it out! www.outdooralbani...

Mediterranean Inspired Lentil Stuffed Peppers

Albanian honey-dipped cookies!

Ethnic-Inspired Holiday Cookie Recipes

Albanian lakror rolls. Y-U-M-M-Y!

Albanian Tomato Cucumber Salad from This traditional salad is served throughout Albania. It is often served as first course. Typically this salad has equal proportions of tomato and cucumber. The rest of the ingredients are stictly added based on personal preference. I got this recipe from some missionaries that have lived in Albania for a long time. They made a cookbook with other missionaries called "From bugs to beans." Posted for ZWT 4.

Albanian Tomato Cucumber Salad

If you happen to be at the Albanian seaside, do not miss a chance trying spaghetti or risotto with sea fruits. Since they grow a lot of sea fruits in the Ionian sea, they are always fresh and full of flavor. www.outdooralbani...

Sıcak Arnavut Ciğeri - Hot Albanian Style Liver

Albanian Food Tasting | Albania Heritage

Albanian Food Tasting | Albania Heritage

Tarator (Bulgarian and Albanian Cold Cucumber Yoghurt Soup). The Greek version is Tzatziki. Recipe: Recipe in this link is in Italian.

Bakllavë me mualebi

Leqenik me spinaq

Kungullur by viki photography

Gurabija - Albanian cookies with jam.

Fast ‘Tatli’ / Tatli e Shpejtë

Receta per Tiramisu

Receta per Tiramisu

Pastiçe me djathë

How to cook Albanian Fergesë Tirane, Melting Pot Video



Albanian Moussaka / Musaka Shqiptare

Traditional Albanian food

Albanian Chicken Noodles - Ya Salam Cooking | Ya Salam Cooking

Albanian Chicken Noodles - Ya Salam Cooking

Gjelle me Arra

Albanian Mac n cheese

Albanian Breakfast: Katchemak. Cornmeal based almost polenta-like served with bulgarian feta and Raw sweet onions

Welcome to the Mystery of Albania: Albanian traditional food:recepies

Albanian Liver dish - Albania

Christmas Lamb, Albanian style!!!

Mehudehra (Albanian Garlic soup)

Mehudehra (Albanian Garlic soup) Garlic recipes

Kabuni me rrush të thatë



Tavë me Presh

Gjelle me Arra

Gjellë me arra (Chicken with walnuts) Egg recipes

Antipasta platter for outdoor picnics

Burjan me vezë

Çervish me mish të pulës

Çervish me mish të pulës - Receta + Fotografi | Kuzhina Shqiptare

Albanian stuffed eggplant--Patellxhana te mbushura

Garlic and Sea Salt: Italian Stuffed Eggplant

The Mediterranean Vegan: Albanian Jani Me Fasule

Albanian cuisine- paça

Arnavut Kokoreç (Albanian-style Lambs Intestines)

Albanian kukau

Pure me molle - Albanian apple cake.

Flódni (Apple, Walnut, and Poppy Seed Pastry) | SAVEUR

Ëmbëlsirë me pjeshkë - Albanian peach cake.

revani cake

Albanian Chicken Pie

Welcome to the Mystery of Albania: Albanian traditional food:recepies

Elif made us Albanian food tonite: elbasan tava.

Yummy Albanian Food

Fresh, healthy and delicious! Herb Roasted Branzino with Garlic and Lemons Recipe

caramelized onion galette

Tave Kosi-baked lamb with yogurt--In the oven for tonight!

traditional Albanian dish - Albania

Wonderful Byrek, a classic Albanian dish. This is the recipe I was taught this summer typed out. Images from Google image search.

Byrek is definitely a dish not to miss when you are in Albania. They sell it everywhere and its always fresh and warm. Of course, the best taste of byrek you'll get from trying a homemade one. There are different types of byrek: with spinach, with rice, with white cheese, with meet, and many others depending on the cook's imagination! www.outdooralbani...

Byrek ose Lakror (Albanian Leek Pie) (via Global Table Adventure)

Recipe: Byrek ose Lakror (Leek Pie)

Honey Chicken Salad with Grapes & Feta by pinchofyum #Chicken_Salad

Buke misri (corn bread Albanian style)

10 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes from Around the Web

Albanian Cornbread - Pite from Courtesy of globaltableadvent..., as adapted from "Home Cooking Around the World" by David Ricketts and Mark Thomas. This bread is a great accompaniment to stews. It is excellent warm, but can dry out, so try to use up promptly or store well-wrapped.

Albanian Cornbread - Pite

Rice stuffed paprika, delicious Albanian traditional food

Albanian Traditional Food - Fli

Albanian Burek!!! amazing please try.the best


TULLUMBA - Receta + Fotografi | Kuzhina Shqiptare

Sallatë patatesh me kos dhe qepë të njoma

Burke me spinach yummy

I miss Albanian food :(

Speca gjatoshe te mbushur me djathe

Sofra (Madison, WI) Albanian Wedding Soup Recipe (B's favorite soup)

Roasted Turkey is a very popular dish in Albania for New Year's Eve!

Simple Roast Turkey



SALLATË RUSE - Receta + Fotografi | Kuzhina

Spinach Feta Grilled Cheese

How to make Byrek, Albanian Pie (video)

Albanian Fasule

Albanian dessert


Dolma | maggiesonebuttkitchen

Desserts heaven in Albania


Baked Lamb eggs and rice

Tave Kosi | Cook the Whole World

Pule me Arra (Chicken with Walnuts)- A very tasty main dish

Chicken with Walnuts (Pule me Arra) |

Lakror – Albanian savory pie.


Pite me gjizë. Hugely popular in Albania.

Tasqebap (Fried Lamb with Tomatoes)

Welcome to the Mystery of Albania

Albanian cookies-Kurabie

Lakror (Albanian style pizza) recipe

Homemade Flat Bread Wraps

Traditional Albanian recipes

Cooking my way through Europe: Albania

Spinach & Feta Burek

Swirled Spinach Burek

Baklava Turkish

Baklava Recipe | Simply Recipes

Baklava Turkish