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TV is only 'mindless' if you are.

The endlessly fascinating intersection of showbiz, marketing, technology, design, and cultural history.

Zenith Chromacolor TV, 1970s

Laughing Squid on Tumblr — Zenith Chromacolor TV, 1970s

"Night Gallery" hosted by Rod Serling (1970-1973, NBC) - One of my favorite segments was part of a trilogy from the series pilot which aired on November 8, 1969. "Eyes" stars Joan Crawford as a rich and heartless woman, blind from birth, who blackmails a surgeon into performing an unscrupulous operation with (in the Serling tradition) a shocking outcome.

The Ed Sullivan was a really big show....1955-1971 I remember gathering around the B&W for this one.

The Official 60's Site-The Ed Sullivan Show

think i discovered this show in a history class in middle school. remember we was doing a project and had a pic of this show, went home and started watching it, fell in love

All in the Family (TV Series 1971–1979)

"Thriller" turned classic pulp stories into terrifying television

Thriller turned classic pulp stories into terrifying television