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Colored Ice Glass. Fill balloons with water, food coloring, freeze. Break balloon, take outside in the snow and enjoy!

hurrayic: Colored "Glass": A Tutorial for Kids**

made these snowballs by dipping syrofoam balls into a bowl of watered-down white glue and then rolling them in another bowl of clear glitter. We used bamboo skewers (sticks) to hold onto them and stuck them into a block of styrofoam to dry. The glitter will get clumpy from the glue…but that’s good, it give the “snowballs” a more realistic look.

Christmas at the Farmhouse! | Sugar Pie Farmhouse

Homemade hot cocoa with marshmallow winter trees

Snowy winter cookies for tha baking. So beautiful, too!

create 3D snowflakes for decoration

Lacy snowflake tutorial | How About Orange