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bittersweetart: Organe by Cecile Dachary |

bittersweetart: Organe by Cecile Dachary |

spell books | Grim Reviews: Three Real Necronomicon Spell Books

Grim Reviews: Three Real Necronomicon Spell Books


2/62/2012-1 让图书变得更加惟妙惟肖,你有…_来自创寻者CreatorSeeker的图片分享

Chinese Contemporary Art, cool art installation made with rice paper and bamboo by Zhu Jinshi titled Boat, Art13 London

Zhu Jinshi: Boat

Vessel, 1930s Mbitim (Sudanese) earthenware, Overall - h:22.90 cm (h:9 inches). Mbitim was the head potter at a ceramic workshop in Lirangu, a center for the treatment of sleeping sickness and leprosy. His work was especially prized by European administrators and visitors. Mbitim's style is distinctive, frequently incorporating portrait heads or complete figures. Intricate surface decoration covers the vessel body.

Vessel | Cleveland Museum of Art mobile site

Dellah by Sam Kim

3d Art: Boes mural, Sardinia. Street art 000

Terracotta Angel, c.1896. Watts Chapel, England. Photo: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

Labyrinths in Ireland

Sadie Barnette - “I use drawing, photography, objects, book and print making, and site-specific interventions, to construct a visual language system out of sub-culture codes and west coast vernacular, economic formalism, text and abstractions. In my work, what is at stake is the gravity of the urban as fantasy, extra-legal economies, luxury as drug, counterfeit capitalism, glitter as hypnotic, outer space as head space, the everyday as gold, family and lived identity experience, and the party.”

curiopt: Book Faces :: Nicholas Galanin

Upcycled book art.

NAR- Relationships w/ narcissists are one sided. They need constant attention & constant gratification. They seek out targets/supplies able to give to them w/o asking for anything in return. They will 'take' until the target is left emotionally drained; physically exhausted. Years of your providing, caring & assisting them will go unnoticed.

Extraordinary sculptures by Saúl Hernández (from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico). The “208 OSEOsidades” is a collection of 21 bronze sculptures of 21 centimeters in height. He uses the most common representation of death which is the human skeleton in a 1:8 scale replica of a real skeleton...

“208 OSEOsidades” by Saúl Hernández -

☆ Artist Karen Woodsゝ。Rainy Day Part I ☆

Gillian Lambert - face distortion portraits

I need a guide: gillian lambert

Nouvelle Custom Guitars

Mini Architecture Takanori Aiba 04

Mini Architecture by Takanori Aiba | Web Odysseum

Mini Architecture Takanori Aiba 03

Mini Architecture by Takanori Aiba | Web Odysseum