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Vertical Murals from JasonMessingerArt

An installation entitled “Depth” by Brazilian artist Regina Silveira.

Regina Silveira’s Optical Illusions

Type paintings with this chromatic typewriter

Type paintings with this chromatic typewriter…

Pebble Art of NS by Sharon Nowlan by PebbleArt on Etsy

Shape- the use of regular squares and rectangles overlapping one another in a conformed manner creates an image of a bustling NYC street. The bustling effect comes from the intense overlapping of the shapes- it also adds the effect that the buildings are being built/put together. The darker shapes give the piece depth and from a distance, dimension.

“The heart is a thousand-stringed instrument that can only be tuned with love.” Hafiz (The Gift)

Collar / ORGANIC BLACK by cexn on Etsy, $373.00

marionette by Antonin Muller and Michaela Bartonova

Antonin Muller/River's King