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www.teacherspayte... Order of Operations Games: Solve problems involving multiple steps and multiple operations. Role the dice, these values are now used to construct an equation with the result as close to the target as possible using the rules stated below. Assume we rolled the values shown www.mathfilefolde... Common Core Standards: 5.OA.1 #math #mathgames #coolmath #tpt #teacherspayteachers $3

Multiplication vs. Division (be careful with the clue words section--some can be misleading and stifle problem solving flexibility. Maybe call it "related vocabulary" and leave out phrases like "in all".)

I love kitchen chemistry... it is just important to teach kids that the matter isn't changing phase but rather reacting.

Science Process Skills Foldable

30 Day Abs Challenge - try this workout at the beginning of the new month & stick with it! You'll see results!

I love this as an end of the year gift for my students or as a beginning of the year writing activity using kids first names. Super cute!

wine rack and large cups to store markers, colored pencils... was wondering what i could do with the awesome rack i saw at ross dress for less. diet cherry pepsi just didn't seem like the answer.

Yeah yeah yeah I know Ive already put my two cents in about Christian Grey but Jessie Pavelka is perfect in his red room of pain jeans. YIKES! fifty-obsession-s