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Mommy wear doesn't have to be boring.

Tips for breastfeeding while babywearing

the sling diaries: jodi and poet babywearing history #sakurabloom

the sling diaries: hayley and talila babywearing connection! #sakurabloom

the sling diaries: love, emilia and evie babywearing discovery! #sakurabloom #twins

the sling diaries: belle and biet babywearing connection! #sakurabloom #pregnancy

sakura bloom sling diaries: tradition | the daybook

the sling diaries: emily and reuben babywearing expression! #sakurabloom

the sling diaries: bron and rose (and max!) babywearing discovery! #sakurabloom

badass babywearing

VERY interesting read... Ways to carry your baby and how it effects your their development. New Moms: Please read this, so you don't have to come see me. Love, your child's Physical Therapist. Research-based information on the effects of strollers, buggies, papooses and swaddling as well as the benefits of proper baby-wearing. This is a fascinating read!

Hilary Duff on #breastfeeding “It’s such a wonderful bonding time. just to have your baby thrive and knowing that you’re doing that and you’re responsible — it’s such a rewarding feeling.”

Ellevill's official model, Natalia O'Shea, lead singer of popular Russion Folk Rock band and babywearing advocate.

Babywearing and dreads. What more could you ask for?

double babywearing - Infantino Wrap & Tie for Jeffry (in the front)