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good display idea for barbed wire - good for halloween/ rustic decor/print



barbed wire cross by jackrabbitflats on Etsy, $21.00

Barbed Wire Crafts Of Names | Crafts to do... / Barbed wire wreath

Crafts to do...

Lone stem red rose flower with barbed wire stem

Crimson clover wildflower on barbed wire stem

I like to call them tetanus balls! You have to be very careful when you roll 'em up. Fun to put a plant of ivy inside or to decorate with white Christmas lights.

This fish shaped decoration is made from clockwise twist, flat barbed wire from Texas. It has a stable rusty patina. The shape is held together with tie wire and has a hanger of your choice of natural jute, green jute, red leather, or black leather. Because the item is handmade, the size will vary, but will typically be about 7”-8" wide and 3"-4" high. This item is good for hanging on a wall or as a Christmas tree ornament.

barbed wire basket for farmhouse or industrial decor