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Homemade Apple, Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Bit Dog Treat Recipe. Just mix, bake and love!

Loose Leash Walking PART 2 by lili.chin, via Flickr

2nd wow...Dog House Interior 2 by homerebuilders. except i would put solid dividers between the dogs so they dont get overwhelmed by the other dogs

Turquoise Boys Will Be Boys Bow Tie Collar Accessory by PitsnPosh, $12.00 things-i-love

Yes, my dogs are my children. Yes, I'm going to talk about them as much as you talk about your kids. GET OVER IT.

cutting your dogs nails safely.If you have a pet with black nails have someone show you how to cut it because with black nails we have to look for the black circle(which is the nerve part) while cutting...If it bleeds and you do not have quick stop then put some cornstarch or flour on it with a bit of compression.

German Shepherd Dog Quote. This is what a German Shepherd Dog is all about. I don't ever what to live without loving a GSD. Raven, I love you so much....

So God Made a Dog Quote Paul Harvey Parody 11 by CadburysKeepsakes, $22.00

Homemade Candy Cane Dog Treats! (I wouldn't use chicken broth. Never know if was cooked with onions - sub water)

Frozen Rice Brittle Crunchies – Ridiculously Easy Dog Treat Recipe! I would add more favor by cooking the rice in low sodium beef or chicken stock.

Mint Apple Mini Bones Recipe. These Christmas dog treats make great gifts for the dogs in your life.

Easy dog treats - Just peel and slice sweet potatoes. Cook at 250 for 1.5 hours, turn and cook for another hour. Store uncovered.

How to make a simple dog toy with fleece or rope. Fleece won't shread or shead fur balls so its safe for your dog to chew own. Its also surprisingly durable:)

Rope Ball - Surprise Dog Toy DIY at Hands Occupied