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DIY: All you ever wanted to know about growing clematis: how to choose the variety, plant, feed, water, support - everything!

DIY: How to Grow Basil - if you love pesto, you should grow your own! I buy plants in the spring and divide them, because there are usually 10-12 seedlings in each pot.

How to keep deer and rabbits away from your small urban garden.

simple, cheap, all natural "insecticide" for the bad bugs

Easy trick to keep squirrels from digging up your seeds in your pots and garden.

The very basics on creating healthy soil for your new garden.

If you're new to gardening, a few ideas on what to grow.

Grow your own herbs at home. It's easy, saves you money, and gives you lots of delicious healthy flavor!

Egg shells to deter slugs and snails!

Container flower garden Stack metal containers with soil. Plant flowers and add accent pieces!

This potato growing method for a small space makes more sense to me than others that I've seen.