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Detroit: What's the flood damage and who will pay? (August 2014)

Detroit: What's the flood damage and who will pay?

August rains overwhelmed sewer systems across metro Detroit, forcing millions of gallons of untreated and partially treated sewage into rivers and lakes.

A group of local experts and business owners are addressing the impact future climate changes could have on Michigan’s tourism industry.

Wyandotte's "solar garden"—Michigan's largest city-owned solar project

Jeffrey Andresen, professor at Michigan State University’s Department of Geography and the state climatologist for Michigan says big swings in weather patterns are the real crop killers.

The Upper Peninsula 200, which is a dogsled race. It always has its ceremonial start in Marquette, but because of the mild winter in 2012, there was no snow in Marquette that year. And so they had to truck snow into downtown Marquette to pave two blocks of the city streets with snow to have the ceremonial start.

Grand Rapids Publishes Climate Resiliency Report

The 14 years of below-average levels on Lake Michigan is "the longest in its period of record," the corps said in its September Great Lakes Water Level Summary. Earlier in January, Lake Michigan dropped to its lowest average level ever recorded.

Climate change blamed for plight of wolves on Isle Royale

A jointly developed interactive map launched this month by the University of Michigan's Graham Sustainability Institute and Headwaters Economics gives Great Lakes policymakers and decision-makers easy access to targeted data to help them plan for, and adapt to, the regional impacts of climate change.

In Michigan, Renewables Costing Utilities Less Than Expected

If scientists are right, summer in Michigan by the end of this century will feel like that of a distant state. Think northern Arkansas.

More than 60 Southwest Detroit residents and community leaders gathered last week to call on local, state and federal officials to design an evacuation plan in wake of the April 27 explosion at the Marathon Petroleum refinery in the 48217 neighborhood.

Commission says US, Canada should consider structures to raise Lake Huron, Michigan levels

Officials Continue To Investigate Cause Of Fire And Explosion At Marathon Refinery

Cleanup crews were working in April 2013 to contain about 300 to 500 gallons of hydraulic fluid that spilled from a Lansing power plant and left a sheen on the Grand River.

From climate change to suspicions that liquid "blue gold" is being siphoned off and sold, why are water levels in Ontario so low?

Huge piles of black material are being offloaded at the Transflo Terminal in Detroit. The material is a petroleum coke product filtered out of crude oil by the nearby Marathon Oil refinery.

Annual Report released yesterday stressed that inadequate dredging took a real toll on Great Lakes shipping in 2012. “The drought has pushed water levels on Lake Michigan and Huron to record lows,” the Association noted.

Michigan Sea Grant developed fact sheets that explore climate-related concepts. They provide information designed to help residents, leaders and decision-makers understand climate terms and issues, and prepare for potential changes in the Great Lakes region.

What's happening at MSU on climate change? This web page provides an overview.

Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region by College of Exploration. Dr. Donald Scavia with the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Center