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"Castor and Pollox or the Red Tear" - Lani Irwin, oil on linen, 2005; Turkey {contemporary figurative surrealist artist kneeling woman toy horses carnival circus painting}

"Summer" - Daniela Uhlig (b. 1982); Berlin {contemporary figurative illustrator beautiful blonde female head décolletage shoulders woman face portrait digital painting}

"African Scarification" - Daniela Uhlig (b. 1982); Berlin {contemporary figurative artist illustrator beautiful female head black woman face portrait digital painting}

"Autumn" - Ariana Perez; Barcelona, Spain {contemporary figurative illustrator blonde young female seated woman striped socks figure painting}

"Hare" - Albrecht Durer, 1528, Northern Renaissance style animal painting

Artist: Richard Cowdrey {contemporary illustrator cartoon animation lion examined by mouse animal illustration}

Artist: Rahaf Dk Albab; Damascus {contemporary figurative illustrator beautiful female head shoulders woman watercolor portrait painting}

"Rag Doll" - Susan Lyon, pastel pencil 2009 {contemporary figurative artist african american black girl with toy portrait drawing}

"Jasmin" from Aladdin - Jirka Väätäinen. Illustrations of what real-life female Disney princesses may have looked like.

"Masquerade Ball" - Jared Joslin, oil on canvas, 2010 {contemporary figurative artist beautiful masked blonde female sexy woman painting}

"Marilyn Blue" - Drew Struzan, colored pencils and pastels on colored paper, 2010 {contemporary figurative artist beautiful blonde female celebrity actress seated woman monroe cropped drawing} #loveit

Artist: Zhong Biao, 2006 {contemporary figurative seated beautiful female legs beautiful woman calves cropped drawing}

Slow down when you walk past this garbage pile portrait {surreal mixed-media stacked rubbish street artwork}

"Femme Tenant Lyre" - Carlos Schwabe, 1905, female drawing

Femme Tenant Lyre by Carlos Schwabe

portraits by tonya corkey... made from LINT! yep, lint on canvas

Artist: Antonella Montes (a.k.a. lantomo)

I need a guide: antonella montes a.k.a. lantomo # update

"Hahahahahahaha" -Thomas Saliot; France {contemporary artist smiling female head grinning woman face portrait oil painting}

Creative female portrait illustration by ElephantWendigo

Artist: Diego Fernandez {contemporary figurative beautiful female head shoulders hand woman face portrait painting}

Gorgeous Illustrations of the Female Form

"Deadcats" by Christian Ward illustration

Realistic Pencil Portraits by Adi Nugroho {contemporary artist beautiful female face drawing} ♥

"Spacegirl" by Russ Mills, digital painting