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Artistic Expressions

Beautiful, delicate, grotesque, digital, and surreal sculptures, paintings and drawings.

"Exercise Your Will Power" - Oscar Ramos {contemporary artist animator artist corn cob cheeseburger fast food fight illustration} #diet

"Sivan With a Shell" - Nava Abel; Israel {contemporary figurative artist beautiful blonde female head torso swimsuit woman face portrait painting} Scrutinizing !!

"Advent" - Leslie Ann O'Dell, mixed media {contemporary artist beautiful female head flower face portrait profile digital collage}

Pencil portrait drawings from a series titled self-deception, by Gillian Lambert.

"Shione" - Bao Pham. How to Draw Realistic Fantasy Drawings {female superhero muscular back digital illustration}

"Anaiis" - Dominique Marquette, Corel Paint, 2012; Atlanta, Georgia {contemporary figurative artist beautiful female african-american face portrait digital painting}

"Watercolor Girls" - Alex Yermolin {contemporary figurative fashion illustrator artist beautiful standing female colorful woman watercolor painting}

"Bogong Moths" - Bruce Goold {contemporary artist signed 4-color silkscreened fabric insects}

Artist: René Gruau {contemporary figurative fashion illustrator vibrant bikini woman profile painting"

Dachshund - Shauna Morrissey (b. 1970) {contemporary animal artist colorful dog painting}

Simone Bingmer's pastel portraits

"Weldon Honey" - Casey Weldon {contemporary figurative artist beautiful discreet semi-nude female holding giant bee to bosom outdoor woman portrait surreal illustration}

Casey Weldon, folklore geek contemporáneo | ANORMALMAG

"Skullcandy" - Miss-Bunny-Shoes, mixed media digital art; London, UK {contemporary figurative artist beautiful woman face profile portrait illustration}

Skullcandy by miss-bunny-shoes on deviantART

"Mondrian Revealed" - Tom Miller, acrylic on canvas, 2014; Canada {contemporary pop art wrapped geometric painting} Every graphic artist pays homage to Dutch painter Pieter Cornelis "Piet" Mondriaan, (1872–1948) when laying out a page grid. #arthistory

Artist: Christiane Vleugels; Belgium {contemporary figurative female red rose tutu woman ballet dancer painting}

Artist: Benjamin Zhang Bin (本杰明) {figurative female colorful digital painting}

"John Lennon" - Andy Warhol, acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas, 1985-86 {pop art celebrity face portrait}

"L." - Francis Vallejo (collaboration with Phidias Gold and model L.Shima), ink and digital {contemporary figurative artist standing female black background t-shirt illustration}

Artist: Charles Dwyer, mixed media {contemporary figurative illustrator beautiful female head arms female face portrait painting}

Artist: Nicolas Tavitian {contemporary figurative illustrator blonde female torso décolletage woman drawing}

Methodology for painting pretty girls - The Toon Sketchbook

"Castor and Pollox or the Red Tear" - Lani Irwin, oil on linen, 2005; Turkey {contemporary figurative surrealist artist kneeling woman toy horses carnival circus painting}

"Summer" - Daniela Uhlig (b. 1982); Berlin {contemporary figurative illustrator beautiful blonde female head décolletage shoulders woman face portrait digital painting}

"African Scarification" - Daniela Uhlig (b. 1982); Berlin {contemporary figurative artist illustrator beautiful female head black woman face portrait digital painting}

"Autumn" - Ariana Perez; Barcelona, Spain {contemporary figurative illustrator blonde young female seated woman striped socks figure painting}