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People Still Paint

International artists create evocative figurative paintings. Safe for work viewing.

Artist: Serge Marshennikov {contemporary figurative artist beautiful blonde female yellow blouse woman profile painting}


"One Bright Morning No. 2" - Mark Horst, mixed media on paper. 2010 {contemporary figurative artist seated male abstract painting}

Artist: Claire Elan {contemporary figurative supine reclining blond female perspective books water glass refraction painting}

Artist: Francine Van Hove {contemporary figurative painter seated woman reading book female face portrait painting}

"Cool Night" - Milt Kobayashi {contemporary figurative artist redhead female dressed reclining women painting}

"Tossed and Turned" - Daryl Zang (b. 1971) {contemporary figurative artist supine reclining female torso woman painting}

"Boceto para equilibrists" (2009) - Aldo Bahamonde (Chilean b. 1963) {contemporary figurative artist supine reclining discreet nude male anatomy oil painting}

Artist: Paul Chabas (1869-1937), French Academic Painter {delicate young female standing on the beach painting}

a man with a past

Artist: Steve Hanks, watercolor {contemporary figurative blonde female reclining woman head quilt painting}

Steve Hanks Paintings

"The Blossom" - William Oxer, acrylic on canvas; UK {contemporary figurative artist blonde female seated woman painting}

"Hope" - Duffy Sheridan, oil on linen {contemporary figurative realist artist beautiful female standing woman painting}

"Within White" - Michael Shapcott, graphite, acrylic, oil on canvas {contemporary figurative artist female standing girl mixed-media painting}

"Estefania" - Nacho Molina {contemporary figurative artist seated woman painting}

Artist: Pier Toffoletti (b. 1957); Italy {contemporary figurative female semi-abstract seated woman painting} In this style, the subject appears to reach through the rough brush strokes.

"Imagine" - Pomm Olsen, watercolor painting. "Imagine the sailboat with fisherman catching the biggest catch of the day. Image a pirate ship with canons on the bow, a plank for jumping off for a swim. Imagine the sails blowing in the wind taking you to Paradise Island. This is what this child is imagining. Her dreams have no limits. It can be anything and you can create it."

Artist: Pier Toffoletti (b. 1957); Italy {contemporary figurative female seated woman painting}

Artist: Gabriel Picart {contemporary figurative beautiful female flowers seated woman profile portrait cropped oil painting detail}

Artist: Gabriel Picart {contemporary figurative beautiful female décolletage standing woman profile portrait cropped oil painting detail #loveart}

"Amy" - Benjamin Wu, oil on panel {contemporary figurative artist brunette female scarf seated woman painting}