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The Atlas Mountains view from the terrace

Play the music and see the film 'Searching for Sugarman'.

Five very good reasons to run away and join the circus .

swimmable mermaid tails

Pretty little make up bags. Can't help it. Sorry for being so obvious.

These completely daft elf ears. This website is a joy - especially if you have always longed to spin around as a fairy.

mexican wedding banners - they also come shocking pink and look so pretty I might even get married.

Vintage print trays. Every girl must have one, to fill with stuff. I have two .

Entry 2 by Sandi.OReilly for Vintage Assignment

I saw her singing last week at the Festival Hall. A joy. There is nothing like a bit of community singing, although the man sitting in the next seat, knew all the songs a bit too well.

Found magazine. Emotive, touching and totally absorbing...

Until you've heard these guys harmonise, you haven't lived. Unexpectedly Japanese, but they sing a mean 'dream a little dream'.

The Chellist Boccherini, listen and love.

Joan, and everyone on Mad Men. Well why wouldn't you ?

Don Draper. He stands on my cupboard eyeing up Barbie.

Her voice. They say when you get old you listen to opera rather than rock. I am obviously ancient.