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Cornmeal uses. Organic control for root and soil borne fungal diseases, compost simulation, weed control, 9-1-1 fertlilizer.

Composting turns kitchen and yard scraps into a marvelous soil amendment, and you don't have to do much to accomplish this stunning transformation. Follow the links to learn all about the benefits of composting, composting systems, building a compost bin, managing your compost, compost tea, and worm composting.

Pine cones as mulch, keep dogs out of the flower beds - interesting

Worm Tower - Drill lots of holes in a pvc pipe. Bury all but 6 inches in garden. Place kitchen scraps in the hole. Worms will come in and eat and then transfer the "goodies" throughout the garden.

DIY hose guide | Copper pipe over rebar - spins as hose goes by. Add a lamp finial screwed into wine cork stopper at the top for flair.

Easy Groundcovers Let easy-growing groundcovers be the solution to your landscaping problems. Here are some of the best groundcovers for your yard. By Kelly D. Norris

This is a guide about hypertufa craft projects. This simple mixture of Portland cement with substances like perlite and peat moss makes porous artificial stone pots, planters or garden art in any shape or size you can imagine.

Jump-start your garden by sprouting seeds with hydrogen peroxide. Keep the seeds moist by using hydrogen peroxide with the water. It prevents the mold and fungus that attacks sprouting seeds. Continue watering with the basic solution after you plant the seeds.

Corsican mint can be trained to go between some pavers. It is very low growing, it is supposed to be able to "be trod upon" and it smells wonderful!