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Best dancer in the world

Breathtaking performance. The young man, or the old couple,or the pretty girl, young gifted children. See the great dancers, with their big talents , and their deplacements. They are incredible. Capable of unexpected movements, but perfect, the best execution, at see, great performances . Woww! - Pinterest is great for sharing. When you pin a picture, please consider the artists who took them and their rights. A little respect goes a long way. Thank you for your collaboration. clodelepage

enra " primitive " - YouTube

  • clodelepage

    Of great originalitée, surprising moments like amazing, exeptional dancers, here is a video of high level. Congratulations to all ... clode

▶ Amazing Flamenco - YouTube

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    Here are some high-level dancers, talented, sensual, as impressive, you will like it for sure ... clode

***** SAMPIYON HORONCULAR ****** - YouTube

Indias Got Talent Season 3 - Bad Salsas terrifying moves (Ep. 16, 8/8)

Cool Dance - The Best Popping -part1

The Roaring Twenties - Dance Craze

Волочкова А. - Дуэт для одной

Cutting Flat chorégraphie d'Abou Lagraa - Cie La Baraka

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Week 3 World Champions Eric Luna & Georgia Ambarian