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Martina McBride - I'm Gonna Love You Through It....Check out our newest board member: Robin Roberts!

On Aug. 31, a woman in Sanford, Fla., first encountered the little dog when she spotted a squirming garbage bag. There was a man outside the Save-A-Lot selling pit-bull puppies for Fifty bucks a pop,” Daniel explained. “This woman approached him and noticed a noise coming from a garbage bag he was holding. She asked him, ‘What’s in the bag?’ and he said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ ”The woman pressed the issue and the man opened — and gave her — the contents of the bag. Inside was a puppy so def...

A lovely description of gratitude

A young mother has made a touching video about the love of her life: her son. In the clip originally posted on GodTube, Lacey Buchanan displays a series of flashcards that tell her experience in dealing with stares, snide remarks and questions about her sons looks.

Whether it be a friendship or your mate, these are ten relationship truths(that we often forget)... This wonderful read has been updated with a bonus 11th truth! Be ready for your heart to be tugged on, these really strike home!

Words to live by...