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Skylanders Birthday

Treasure Rocks- Fizzing MAGIC rocks with treasures hidden inside. Easy to make and sure to delight and WOW any child. My daughter was in awe.

Magic Treasure Rocks ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Skylanders Party -- DIY portal cake, sheep cookie pops, scavenger hunt

skylander birthday party | What makes us click

skylanders party game: Spyro's Troll blast. I found some pictures online of blaster trolls and a few drow witches and blew them up, glued to a foam board and the kids threw fireballs (red water balloons) at them.

skylanders party station: Pop Fizz's Alchemy Station. I got 4 different kinds of Kool-Aid and mixed the appropriate sugar in with the mix into separate bowls. I also had various flavors of pop rocks in separate bowls as well. The kids then picked a koolaid flavor (all a surprise) and put 2 scoops into a cup, and 1 scoop of pop rocks and then added water. Once the water is added it shows the color and the pop rocks pop! It was a fun surprise for them... I think it was their favorite :)

skylanders party game: trigger happy golden can shootout. spray painted various containers gold and used water blaster (from Dolalr Tree) to knock them down

Skylanders party game- Gill Grunt's sheep blast. We got some big water squirters from the dollar store and had the kids "blast" the sheep (white balloons) to the other side of the yard

  • Juli Coates

    What did the sign say? It isn't close enough to read. Thanks!!

  • Christina Mageleebey

    Ill pull it up when I get home and check. It basically just said that the sheep are taking over the island and Hugo wants them corralled on the other side of the lawn. They had to use their water blasters to move them to the other side of the yard.