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YoU'rE oNe CrAfTy BiTcH!

these stylish leaves are fabric ones from the dollar store... dipped into plaster of paris. FABulous idea for garlands, wreaths, table decor, and more...

DIY button rings

UPCYCLING DIY | Button Rings

Furniture cleaning. Basic instructions to clean furniture including antiques. ...great info and can be applied to antique frames

Top 17 ideas for recycling toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls, if you prefer) - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

This is the best tutorial I've yet found for that whole DIY photo canvas that people are into doing. So easy to follow, and encouraging. Takes just minutes. Imagine the gifts you can make for family and friends! Gotta try this!

Knit circle scarf.

Simple tutorial on how to make these chalkboard tag teacups - name them for every member of the house and change them when friends come over.

Make some fantastic art work by tracing a drawing with glue, covering it with foil and then sponging on and wiping off shoe polish. Very cool!

Inspiration: Fall Wreath with Mini Pumpkins Putka Pods Baby Acorns Autumn Decor 18 "

Egg Carton Paper Mache Pulp Recipe: -Cardboard Egg Cartons, -Warm Water, -Salt, -Glue.

How to Make Paper Mache Pulp Using an Egg Carton

Paper Mache Clay Recipe - -Cheap toilet paper (measure the wet paper pulp, and use 1.24 cups – some rolls contain more paper than needed), -1 cup Joint compound from the hardware store (get “regular,” not “fast set” or “light”.), -3/4 cup Elmer’s Glue-all, -1/2 cup White Flour, and -2 tablespoons Linseed Oil.

DIY Photos on Canvas--the easiest method I've seen thus far!!