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You can either fall in love with me as a whole, or not love me at all.

Counseling - Tips for the road to #resilience to help you recover from a difficult experience.

Family Counseling - Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

Don't let your life pass you by

For reals though

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kid president

Because It's Awesome: This and That // 1

I've already read many of these, but I'm still looking for more summer reading.

If you don’t know what to read right now…

10 Ways to Become Confident. Excellent reminders, My favorite is meeting new people at parties :)

ZERXZA: New new new! :)

Top 15 Reasons to #Run Infographic

Top 15 Reasons to Run Infographic

I'm not entirely sure that's true, but I try to anyway

This is what I need tattooed on my arm so I can see it EVERY DAY

This describes me so perfectly. also... adam levine