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Melissa Cuskaden Bruns

Melissa Cuskaden Bruns

Nursery Button Letter Art Wall Hanging, Children Wall Art, L-O-V-E on Canvas 10"x14", You Choose Fabrics and Buttons to Match Nursery

Whole Wheat Bread - 3pts per slice (if you can get 24 slices out of the two loafs). Sounds delish though!

Jackie’s portrait drawn by her fashion designer Oleg Cassini

how to make your headbands stretchy to fit all sizes EASY! I need these! The store bought ones slip off my head

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These foil bowls would be a great idea for camping. You can use them for the whole trip for soup, cereal, heating or reheating small quantities of food over the fire, and on the last morning, make individual frittatas then throw them away.

  • Icy <3

    #stomach aches but not as bad as taco bell lol

Love this DIY, my floors are soooo clean and the house smells great!! {enjoy the view}: Pin Busters! D-I-Y Floor Cleaner

  • Kimberly keys

    hi that's what I have also try just dawn and water and I also use the swifter the wet ones, and then I spray vinegar and water but I use a little more vinegar and less water try that, but I know what you mean

  • Carol L Jacques

    This does work on laminate! I would not recommend for solid wood! Use the windex vinegar spray on wood but only lightly! It works great!

  • Amanda Lea

    It works on laminate but it leaves your floors with streaks. How do you get rid of the streaks??

  • Carol L Jacques

    My laminate did not streak when I used it.

  • Paul Bear

    It's nice to have the mysterious contents of spray bottles described in clear labels. For a second there, I thought "3 drops of Dawn" said "3 drops of Beer". Now that the secret to perfect floors is out, will anyone use professional cleaning services? As long as they are interested in having free time, they probably will. Paul |

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How To Make Homemade Vitamin Water for Stress Relief - Yum. Watermelon, Strawberries, and Rosemary soothe the mind and the palate. TRY THIS OUT! It's too easy not to :)

  • Brittany

    Yeah, you could do that... but inevitably you will end up with black eye boogers! Not pretty! Also, not sure that this is great for your eye...

This person might be a genious. S'moreo: Oreo stuffed with Roasted Marshmallow and Melted Chocolate

Keep all that sports equipment from roaming the garage floor by storing balls up and out of the way.

Make your own rabbit repellent - fill a milk jug with water, add 5 crushed garlic cloves, 1 tsp.crushed red peppers and 1 Tbsp. of dish soap. Shake well; let it sit in the sun for a day or two to make sure the water is saturated with the flavors and smells. Shake well, then spray or pour on the plants that you don't want the rabbits to eat.