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Cristina Mendez

Cristina Mendez

11 Super Cool Things to Make!

Simple but classy hair and jewelry

Back to School | How To and Instructions | Martha Stewart

This website has ideas about how to pick colors for your family photo. Isn't that fam so adorable!?

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama watch the fireworks over the National Mall from the White House on July 4, 2009. by Pete Souza via timpanogos.wordpr... #Obamas #4th_of_July #Pete_Souza #tmpanogos_wordpress

  • Dovey Cameron

    Wow, pinterest needs a delete button like Facebook!!

  • Necia Holtzman

    i keep pinching myself. I came here to get away from the preachifying and small mindedness...but i guess that's what many call democracy...I feel so sad..this is the 21 first century. A race of people were forcefully brought to this country as forced labor. They built the White House, now one lives in it & watches fireworks ...only to still be called petty names,,,Happy Independence Day!! Let us do some growing up please ...then we can call ourselves independent!!!

  • Renee Marshall

    You should have come to this country because you have the RIGHT and the FREEDOM to express yourself--no matter what you believe.

  • Pamela Hilligardt

    Dovey Im there with you! This all started with a picture...these must be some sad and mad people. I wonder if they go around kicking dogs.

  • Regina Weiner

    Part of the problem with civic life today is that people who disagree with us get accused of kicking dogs.

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