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Bedtime shirt :)

Love the color on the wall and ow the lamp is set up in the corner.

A Really Useful App. Safety is always a priority. :) Not funny, but figured I'd share anyways.

John Green with some wisdom for the ladies...

Because Ryan Gosling.

Maybe this will help brighten your day! Remember there is always sunshine even though the sun isn't out !

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How To: The Paneled Wall | Decorchick! Changing her world, one project at a time $40 wall

DIY panel tutorial-- sooo easy! love it!

Tom Hiddleston

  • Coco C

    Guys at my school are always complaining about how girl's don't like them and they're always trying stupid things to get our attention, an I'm just like "You want a date? Start being a British dude."

  • Clare Wolfle

    Hate to break your heart, but most "British dudes" aren't like this, sadly.

These are my all time fave Disney quotes all put together!! :) ♥