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Struggling to find the perfect color for something? Try taking a look at the emotions that colors evoke in people before choosing the latest color pallet for a new project.

Cleaned out EOS containers perfect for traveling with jewelry...Such a great idea!

ways tie sarong pareo skirt shorts comfortable beach wear Lotus Resort Wear's Suggest Sarong Look from the Web!

Out of AA? Use AAA with foil! The things you learn on Pinterest!!!!

I would never think of this! Light charcoal in terracotta pots lined with foil for tabletop s'mores. Fun outdoor summer party idea.

Indulged in an extra glass (or four) of wine? Read on for ways to prevent or cure a hangover the next time that bottle ends up empty. If you're looking through the my DRINK recipes ya might need this at some point! (;

looks like a mirror but its a hidden gun cabinet. Awesome.

Hybrid Rasta Mama: 333 Uses For Coconut Oil. There's a lot here I've never heard of before.

How to tie your running shoes to fit your feet better. My podiatrist showed me this trick!--mh

How to escape zip ties. Every girl should know this information. Awesome.

Use curtain rods on the inside of cabinet doors to hold your pot lids!!

Another pinner said: I wish I had seen this years ago!! Tape before caulking. Smooth out with finger. Then peel off the tape immediately, before it dries. i have to do this on my kitchen counters! awesome!

The phone finds your keys and your keys find your phone. OMG NEEEEEDDD!!!!

When hanging a picture, put toothpaste on the frame where the nail needs to be, press it against the wall and voila! Put the nail there! Genius! Definitely the quickest idea I've seen yet! :)

A trick for hanging photo collections: Lay out your arrangement. Flip frames over. Lay waxed paper on top of frames. Mark hanger/nail spot on waxed paper. Flip waxed paper over and tape to wall, nail into wall where indicated. Tear down waxed paper. Hang photos.

frame notebook paper, hot glue a bow, wrap with a dry erase marker ... viola! Perfect for a To Do list for your desk! This is sooo cute!